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A group of 6th graders holding a bake sale.

BV 6th Grade Raises Funds for DC Trip

On December 7-13 of this year, Bryce Valley 6th grade is going on a Washington, DC, trip! But they need your help to do it. 

BVE’s principal, Mr. Petersen, has started a tradition of sending our 6th-graders to Washington.

The first reason for this DC trip is to lay the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, an experience these 6th graders have prepared for extensively.

Miranda B., 6th grader at BVE, told me about why this is significant. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier represents all the unidentified people who lost their lives during World War I, World War II and the Korean War. Each of the three tombs has an unidentified body laid in it.

The 6th graders were taught great respect for the Tomb.

They learned about the 24/7 guard who walks 21 steps in front of the tomb, turns and looks east for 21 seconds, turns and looks north for 21 seconds, and then walks 21 steps in the other direction. The motion is so repetitive and constant that the guard’s path has become worn down over time. 

Every Wednesday Miranda’s class learns a little bit more about their DC trip — the Tomb, the historical sites and the reasons for going. With every history lesson, their excitement grows, and their respect for their country is deepened.

But in order for these kids to have this life-changing experience, they must raise enough funds to fly a whole class of 6th graders to DC and back. To do this, they need your help!

One way you can help is by buying one of their t-shirts.

Another way is by attending one of their fundraising events. The last fundraising event was quite a success, with a bake sale and a bike ride as part of the Canyon to Canyon bike ride sponsored by Ruby’s Inn.

Mrs. Ott, the responsible teacher chaperone this year, thanks all who have donated to make this trip happen.

*Note: No fundraising dollars will go to adults. Any money raised and all donations received will go directly to the students and the Washington fund.

– The Byway

Feature image caption: The BV 6th graders put in hours of work for their bake sale back in August, but for them, the time was worth it to get to DC! Future fundraisers are still pending. Courtesy BVES.