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Swade Olsen golfs on a green course. Next to him is a golf cart full of clubs.

The girls and boys state golf championships took place at Lakeside Golf Course in West Bountiful on May 14 and 15, 2024. The girls golfed only on the second day.

The individual and team scores for golfers along the Byway are as follows:

Individual Scores

Girls Golf

Of the girls who went to state, Savannah Williams, a senior from Wayne, was the only one to score in the top ten.

“The thing that got me interested in golf was honestly the boys golf team!” she said. She and Hadlee Tayler had started doing golf three years ago with the boys’ encouragement. Throughout the years the determined girls golf team has slowly gotten more people to join, “and we had a successful season this year!” said Savannah.

Savannah golfing at the West Bountiful golf course.
Savannah Williams golfing at state golf 2024. Courtesy of Savannah.

She took 7th with 102 strokes on the 18-hole course.

When it came to her score at state, Savannah was grateful to her coaches, Mike Hinkle and Stephen Ellett, for supporting her and helping her be her best.

“I am also very competitive,” she said, “so I wanted to be able to keep up with the other players!”

Boys Golf

The boys’ course was twice as long, and golfing was spread over two days. Of the boys who went to state, four of them placed in the top ten. Swade Olsen, a senior from Piute, was one of them. 

Swade wasn’t always into golf, but he really picked it up when he and his friends all decided they wanted to play.

He said the reason he was able to place so well at state was because he played every chance he got. “I pack my clubs everywhere I travel to,” Swade said. “I also study and watch the game a lot and try to put it to use for myself so that I learn.”

Swade tied for 3rd with another senior, Ivan Spencer from Valley. They made 167 strokes on the 36-hole course.

Swade Olsen swings his club on a golf course. Mountains are shown in the background of the course. In the foreground are a couple of golf bags.
Swade Olsen golfing in the 2024 season. Courtesy of Swade.

Ammon Peterson, a senior from Wayne, took 6th with 171 strokes. 

Camden Englestead, a sophomore from Panguitch, also finished with a tie. He tied for 7th with a senior from Rich named Jaden Desch. They made 172 strokes. 

And Miles Hinkle, a sophomore from Wayne, took 10th at 176 strokes.

Team Scores

The top seven girls teams and their overall team score are as follows:

  1. Manila, 392
  2. Monticello, 408
  3. Valley, 417
  4. Milford, 438
  5. Rich, 440
  6. Wayne, 452
  7. Tabiona, 468

And these are the top 5 boys teams:

  1. Rich, 706
  2. Wayne, 720
  3. Valley, 725
  4. Panguitch, 731
  5. Monticello, 732

The top two teams from each region qualified to go to state golf 2024. After that, remaining teams could qualify according to overall average score. 

Additional individuals from other teams qualified if they were in the top 12. Wayne was the only school to take a team to both events, but individual boys from Piute and Bryce Valley, and a girl from Panguitch also competed.

by Abbie Call

Feature image courtesy of Swade Olsen.

*This story was updated May 23 to include subsequent comments from Wayne senior Savannah Williams.

More Pictures

Wayne's golf team holding their trophy at state.
Wayne’s boys golf team showing off their 2nd place trophy at state golf in West Bountiful. May 15, 2024. Courtesy of Savannah Williams.
Wayne's two boys golf medalists and one girls golf medalist with their medals and 2nd place boys trophy.
Wayne’s medalists at state 2024. Courtesy of Savannah Williams.

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