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The dirt road on the upper Sevier bike trail.

Public Notice: Upper Sevier Watershed Plan

USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) invites public comment regarding the Garfield County and West Panguitch Irrigation Company proposal to update an undersized and aging irrigation pipeline. Concurrent with this issue, a proposal by Garfield County to extend an existing bike trail and enhance it to accommodate multi-use will also be addressed. The NRCS also intends to create an Upper Sevier Watershed Master Plan, but no actions will be proposed as part of this project.

The NRCS, with Garfield County as the sponsor, intends to prepare an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Upper Sevier Watershed in Garfield County, Utah. The EA process will examine alternative solutions to increase efficiency in the current agricultural water delivery system, assist in the preparation of a watershed master plan, and aid in the exploration of enhancing recreational facilities. NRCS is requesting comments to identify resource concerns and opportunities, constraints, significant issues, potential alternatives relevant to the proposed actions from all interested individuals, Federal and State agencies, and Tribes.

NRCS invites agencies, Native American Tribes, non-governmental organizations, community groups, and individuals that have special expertise, legal jurisdiction, or interest in the Upper Sevier River Watershed to comment on the scope of the EA, including the project’s purpose and need, the identification of potential alternatives, specific areas of study, data needs to be included in the analysis, and evaluation methodology. NRCS is open to additional coordination meetings, if requested.

NRCS will consider all comments submitted through June 9, 2024, and will consider comments received later to the extent possible.

Please note that there will be further opportunity to comment during the next review and comment period once the Draft EA is prepared and ready for the public, with more granular detail on the project and its alternatives.

We invite you to submit your comments, written or by email, to:

Jacob Norlin

Eocene Environmental Group

1745 S Alma School Rd #220,

Mesa, AZ 85210

[email protected]

For additional information and maps of proposed actions, visit the project webpage at: 


USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service