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Piute dance company lift their heels in the air for a heel stretch. They wear colorful sequined shirts.

The world of art is coming more to the forefront for Piute County. At Piute High School, there are many different art programs and clubs that students can join, one being the dance company. This year Piute Dance Company attended the “America On Stage Utah State Dance Championships” and came out with exceptional results.

On Friday, April 19, the team of eight headed to the Utah State Fairgrounds in Salt Lake to compete. They performed three dances: jazz, contemporary and hip hop routines. For this competition, the teams are not competing directly against other teams, rather they must get a certain amount of points to receive different standings. 

In jazz, the team competed in the senior division and placed first. Next, the contemporary routine was also in the senior division, and the girls took second. Finally, Piute Dance Company competed in the senior hip hop division and received first place high gold honors. 

The team then received two additional awards: the highest scoring team of the day, and a judges choice award for their hip hop routine.

Piute dance company bend their bodies backwards. They wear red long-sleeved shirts, sweats and red sneakers.
The Piute Dance Company dances their hip hop routine. Courtesy of Rachel Hockett.

Preparing three different dances takes a lot of work. Coaches Carol Springer and Carrie Davis choreographed the hip hop routine and ran practices since September. They give a lot to their team, but they ask a lot in return. Coach Springer said, “Overall, we expect the girls to come to practice ready and give 100% every day. Prepared to come to work hard and improve their skills.” The girls even got to help choreograph their contemporary dance. 

Of course, the hard work is not without supporting each other and having fun along the way.  “We ask our captains to help the team out, be positive and uplifting and be encouraging,” Coach Springer continued. At the competition, the team members help each other get ready physically and mentally and then run over the dances together. Springer also said, “We tell them that the most important thing is to go out, have fun and give it all they got!”

The Piute Dance team is continually working hard to prepare to compete at a national competition on May 18. Not only that, but there will be a free end-of-year performance on May 15 at 6:00 p.m. at Piute High School for those who are interested to watch and support the amazing Piute Dance Company. The performance will be the same day as tryouts, so it will also be a good chance to hear about next year’s team.

The Piute Dance Company is a place to explore the art of dance. Springer says, “We get to dance in different genres, styles and explore. We try to make it a fun environment where kids can learn life lessons, grow and have a safe space.” For those who love to dance, go check out the dance company!

by Ari Hurdsman

Feature image caption: Hadley Morgan and Katie Snyder do a heel stretch during their jazz routine. Courtesy of Rachel Hockett.

Piute dance company lifts a girl upside-down above their heads as she does the splits.
The Piute Dance Company lifts Miriam Thomas elegantly during their contemporary dance. Courtesy of Rachel Hockett.

Ari Hurdsman – Junction

Ari Hurdsman is a junior journalist at the Byway. She just recently moved to Ephraim, Utah, where she is a freshman at Snow College. She enjoys writing about Piute sports, and she’s really good at it! In her free time, she enjoys singing, dancing, reading and hanging out with friends and family.