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Probably if you are living in a cloud, your own cloud, you do not realize what is currently happening, how the world is changing. A great example would be climate change; there is our growing concern about the impact it has on our planet and on lives. Young people are especially concerned about the future of the planet (because it seems that most adults don’t care) and the consequences of climate change, such as rising sea levels, the intensification of natural disasters and the loss of biodiversity.

Economic inequality is another major concern for our generation. Many young people are struggling to find jobs, pay for college, and pay their bills. In addition, there is a growing gap between the rich and the poor, making it increasingly difficult for low-income people to lift themselves out of poverty. Many young people are struggling to find a stable, well-paying job, and many are worried about their financial future.

Lack of access to healthcare is another major concern for the generation. Many young people do not have health insurance and cannot afford the healthcare they need. Additionally, there is growing concern about mental health, and many young people are struggling with issues such as anxiety and depression. Lack of access to healthcare can worsen these problems and make it more difficult for young people to get the treatment they need.

Discrimination is another major concern for our generation. Many young people are fighting discrimination based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity. In addition, there are growing concerns about online security and privacy. Many young people are concerned about the way their data is collected and used online, and are fighting to protect their privacy and security online.

There are many concerns and future worries that depend on our generation, and it is important that we work together to address these issues and find solutions for a better future for all. If we don’t find the leadership needed in today’s leaders, it will be up to us teenagers, the capable leaders of tomorrow.

by Jeily Aquino, student at Piute High School

Feature image caption: Jeily Aquino sees a number of problems that today’s teenagers are concerned about. The next generation could drown in these problems themselves, or choose to be part of the solutions for a better tomorrow.


Jeily Aquino is a contributing writer from Piute High School. From time to time, The Byway receives submissions from high school kids, and we almost always publish these submissions. Sometimes the youth surprise us with their ideas, but it is certainly a joy to see what this generation has to say about the world and their place in it.